Archives for February 2010

Ireland’s necklace

My dear friend Jamie got this necklace for me, and I had to share the picture with you.  It is the print that was made at the hospital. It is a treasure, and so is she! This really amazing company called thumbies takes the ink print, shrinks it down and turns it into a pendant, […]

A bill and dinner.

I posted earlier this morning, but I wanted to unload a little.  First of all, Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the people who are still praying for Kev, the boys and I. We are still needing your prayers so much.  Everytime we turn around there is just another little reminder […]

To The Next 50 Years

I ran across this video on facebook (oh how I love facebook), and I tell you what, I want to be this couple…..I want to be a team with Kevin for the next 50+ years, and I want to spend it having a good time with the guy I love.  God gave me the greatest […]

A skunk on a leash.

Do you ever wonder what people will say about you after you die?I do.Frequently.I hope they say good things,she loved Jesus, she was a devoted wife and mother, she loved her family and friends, she made people’s lives better because she was here. She sang like an angel (so not true…you know the sound cats […]

Heaven :)

One of the hardest things that Kevin and I have had to face is telling our boys about Ireland’s death.  When we came home from the hospital, Cooper and Mac knew something was up,  Their routine had been altered, and that is not something that is done in our house.  Routine and scheduling is how I make it […]