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Fish For Dinner

We are a food family, almost all of our memorable moments revolve around some sort of eating.  My mom makes the best potato salad, my sister makes so many amazing things I couldn’t even list them.  My dad makes the best eggs in the universe, and that is just my side of the family.  Kevin’s […]

The Camper Returns

  Cooper made it through his week of church camp.  I asked him if he missed us and he said, “No, but the beds were really hard, I am happy I get to sleep in my bed tonight.”  I am not sure how to feel about his obvious lack of missing his mom… I love […]

Ireland Elizabeth

Growing up, all I wanted was the stereotypical, perfect life.  I had my future all lined up.  4-kids, a husband who wore a suit, tie, and shiny cuff links.  One who came home and loosened his tie, then scooped up his babies on top of  his shoulders and ran through our mansion with them squealing on his shoulders.    Big Dreams?  […]

Church Camp

Cooper went to his first year of church camp on Monday.  He is officially old enough to sleep away from his Mama for a whole week.  I am so thankful that he has an adventurers spirit and that we were able to send him to a place where his relationship with Jesus can blossom. Kevin is a […]

Let the Blessings Abound.

I know how incredible all of you who read this blog are, so I am asking for a huge favor from you all. A friend of mine from high school is a nurse in Michigan, she has a co-worker who went into spontaneous labor at 23 weeks gestation….(about 6 months) and delivered her tiny daughter […]