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I am the Mommy

I am not sure I’m cut out for an open adoption.  I know that the open-concept is a wonderful thing, and in the long run it’s going to benefit Carver more than I’ll ever realize; but yesterday just about killed me. We met the birth parents for lunch–Carver’s tummy-mama still had one of our phones […]

Dirty Laundry?

Have I ever mentioned that I have 5-boys?  Well I do….with those boys there is a significant amount of laundry that accumulates at our house.  If I miss a day it takes me three to catch up.  Well, because of the nasty flu-epidemic that is floating around our town, I decided that all of our […]

Welcome to the World

As our tummy-mama labored with Carver, I wrote him a letter, a love letter of sorts…As the weeks have gone by I’ve wanted to post this letter a hundred times, but it never seemed like the right time; until yesterday.  When I grabbed the mail yesterday, there was an envelope from the State of Montana, […]