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2016 was a year for the books, I’ve heard that said so many times lately. Politically, financially, emotionally, 2016 has been something to live through. For our family personally, it was bittersweet, we watched as our boys fought tough battles, in some, they came out victorious, others, they came out bruised and bloodied; though ever stronger. If nothing else, 2016 taught us,  that though we don’t understand, we persevere, because the example I want to show my sons is that when things look their darkest, we push through and we continue to  shine a  light in a dark world.

One of the couple’s that Kevin and I love most in the entire world, is facing the unimaginable. We have shared almost half of our lives with these two. They were there at our wedding, when we welcomed our boys, and stood outside the room as Ireland slipped quietly into the world.  He sang at her funeral, and her arms were those that I fell into when I though I couldn’t breathe another breath.  They showed us the beauty of adoption and gave us a beautiful recommendation for Carver when we needed references, they showed us how to love beyond blood and when they took over leadership of a church on the “South Side” of our town, we watched in awe as they fell in love with the “least of these.”  When my grandma breathed her last breath, I called him and asked if he would be willing to speak at her funeral, and his worry was that he couldn’t do it well because it was the first funeral he’d have done.  My grandma would have been proud, he captured her legacy with humor, grace and love.

While I watch these two and their family persevere through this time of trial. Their faith amazes me,  they know they outcome of this fight, it’s not great. In fact, if I am being completely honest, it freaking sucks. Had I the ability, I would carry a portion  of their hurts and carry it for them, because I would do anything to ease the burden. So while we watch this new season of our country and year come into play, remember:  It isn’t what we voted for, it isn’t what we wanted for our children. But in our small corner of the globe, there is a family FIGHTING with everything they have for one more day, one more minute, one more second.

And to remember that there are those hoping for more.

In the spirit of 2017, I hope it is overflowing with incredible things for your families, friends and loved ones.


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