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Dove Dry Spray

Influenster Earlier in January I started product testing for Influenster a really cool site which rewards people for reviewing products they use every day.  Influenster sends out campaigns every so often with new products to use,  and product testers evaluate the pros and cons and then submit little “jobs” via social media. Fun, and who doesn’t love […]


There are tough mom days and then there are:  “Today’s.” “Today’s,” consist of a couple of kids barfing and crapping off-tune symphonies of liquids throughout the house. Some of the liquids make it into strategically placed, spherical waste-receptacles.  However, most land with splattering force, onto floors, walls, bathtubs or the unsuspecting feet of mom, who is […]

China and a Small Car

God gave me sons. Lots of sons and poor long-term memory. I should have invested in journals, lots of them….   Along with these sons and poor memory… God gave me the uncanny ability to never turn red, I can count on one hand the number of times since I started motherhood where I’ve been legitimately embarrassed. Alas, most […]