You are 4 today!  Happy Birthday son, you are growing into a spunky, sassy person with a spirit for life that is as big as the sky.  You are my faithful sidekick, and haven’t taken well to losing another brother to the public school system.  I’ve learned that you live to tease and pester people, it’s how you show your affection. It makes me laugh to watch you interact with your brothers when they get home from school.

I have watched you blossom into a little boy with his own interests, likes and dislikes.  You like to watch cartoons on my bed, you love to “nuggle” with mom and are content to sit next to me with your hands on my cheek.

You are smart, and loving and have a definite way that you want things done.  There is no distraction or diversion.  When your mind is made up there is no changing it.

You love to mother Potter and I have to remind you at least 1000 times every day to “PUT HIM DOWN.”  For the last two months, every morning you and I get the big boys off to school, and I fix us breakfast.  Fried Eggs, or Boiled Eggs, or Scrambled Eggs.  You crack them and stir them, and I cook them.  You have your own creamer for coffee in the fridge and we sit together and drink our morning cup of joe.  I love this routine and I love that you are a creature of habit (just like your mama.)

Mercer, you my sweet boy are a challenge to parent, but a joy to love!  You dig in your heels when you want your way. But are the first one to give a hug, a kiss or a pat on the back when someone is sad.  You are smart and determined.  You hate picking up your toys, but you love to vacuum.  You love to wear comfy pants and if you could you would stay in your jammies all day long.

For your birthday all you have asked for is a sharp knife so you can go bear hunting with Cooper and Dad and Papa Dick.  To my knowledge your dad has never taken Cooper bear hunting (unless he lies to me when they go off on their hunting excursions.)

You are learning so much in your AWANAS club.  Your ability to memorize and recite bible verses is fantastic.  My heart is so happy when I hear your sweet prayers at night and when you ask God to help you be a good boy.  You Mercer Allan are a wonderful kid with a wonderful heart!

Happy Birthday Sweet Moose, I love you to the moon!




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  1. Happpy Birthday Mercer!! You are a very special young man!! I know you will do well in your life!!

    (AWANAS is great!!)


  2. Happy Birthday Moose. I love you so much. You are strong yet tender hearted. I love your imagination and sense of adventure!

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