Sweet Carver Benjamin,
6-months (well if we want to get technical almost seven.)
Where did those days go? A year ago I didn’t even know that you were coming, I had no idea that my life was going to change again, and that I would receive a blessing as amazing as you.

Carver six monthsYou little fritter, are the sunniest baby! Your gummy smile melts me every time I look at you.  When I walk into your room in the morning and you wiggle all over; from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes I can’t help but grin.  Thank you for reminding me to laugh, to slow down and to enjoy the little moments.  You sweet boy are a gem.

You are sitting up  on your own for about 30-seconds at a time, then you tip over and giggle.  You love to pull hair, look at faces and blow raspberries; you also tell really elaborate stories from your high chair if I am not getting your breakfast fast enough!  You love to eat, bananas are your favorite, sweet-potatoes too; but you loathe peas–the face you made when I gave them to you for the first time was priceless; it was a mixture of disgust and an “oh my gosh I am going to barf right now if I don’t get this out of my mouth.”

I giggled, you cried.  Then I took a picture, it was blurry I was laughing so hard.

You sleep all night!  I love that.  You like your own space, and don’t sleep well in the car or at other people’s houses, auntie Meg kept you while I was in Colorado for Cooper’s baseball tournament and you kept her up a lot.  She told me you can’t have sleep-overs for a long time!    You love (or at least I think you do) being outside, playing in the wading pool and feeling the grass in your toes.

You like to watch your big brothers, Mercer and Potter are your greatest entertainment!  Mercer is your best-buddy,  he loves to hold you–sometimes more than you like.  Potter likes to feed you breakfast and Mac stays far away from you when you’re eating because you little darlin’ are a BARFER!  Nothing is safe from your barf!Carver smiles

Carver, I am so thankful that you are a part of our family and I don’t know why God chose our family as your family but I am thankful everyday that he did!  I love you precious boy to the moon and back!


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