A Drop in the Bucket

I know that I have posted before about my involvement in the March of Dimes, but my participation in this incredible group has escalated as of the last month.

Most all of you who know me personally know that I am the HR manager for Kmart here in our home town.  Well Kmart is the largest corporate sponsor for the MOD, last year the company raised over 6 million dollars to help the fight against prematurity, defect and fetal-death.  That figure is astounding to me…. and the nice part is that the donations are made by everyday people like us, one’s who give a dollar here and a dollar there as they checkout of the store.

Well in addition to our family walk for Ireland, my boss (the store manager) asked me if Iwould consider letting our store walk in Ireland’s memory as well.  I was so blessed by that, as some of you know I have struggled with my job recently and have been trying to make it through the day-to-day motions, while grieving our loss, mothering my boys and being a wife to Kevin.  I wear many hats….too many sometimes.  So for my employees to want to come along side us and take part in our healing process has been an incredible blessing.

So with this partnership between family and work, a plan was forged.  We were going to spend a Saturday “Biking for Babies”  it took place in our store, with our stationary bikes set up and fund-raising baskets waiting to be filled,  from 10am to 4pm, my co-workers and I biked. The customer response was huge and we ended up raising $800.00 for the March of Dimes.  Along with the donations that our family have raised our total is close to $1600.00. All in memory of Ireland Elizabeth.

I have also had the great oppurtunity to work with an amazing lady (Debra) who is the State Director for the MOD, she has been an amazing sounding board and great morale booster! When I don’t have much fight in my she is in my corner cheering me on. That is always nice to have.  Add to that the fact that she and her husband are Christ-followers and that my husband ended up in a bible study with her husband (we figured this out over our morning coffee one day).  Small world huh? 

When our “Bike for Babies” was over, I was talking to Debra about what I was going to do when our fundraising campaign finishes up .  I have poured alot of my energy into this campaign, because I believe in the cause, and because March of Dimes has helped me grieve my daughter in a productive and healthy way.  I have been worried about the future, because right now I have something to focus my energy on.  What happens when that is over?  I was just kind of dumping on her and unloading all of these worries and uncertainties.  Deb looked over at me, gave me a hug and asked me if I would be willing to step onto the Board of Directors for the Montana chapterf

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