A Few From Mac, and A Few From Me.


Monkey bread, and the friend who gave me the cookbook that the recipe is in. 

Zumba, it burns off the Monkey bread that I ate way too much of.

Lavender baby wash, and the scent of it on Potter J’s hair.

Royal wedding week, it makes my imagination run wild. I think I might like to be a princess, just for a week or two! Those hats look like so much fun, not to mention the royal jewelry!

Food Network, especially Alton Brown, I might possibly have a teensy crush on him.

Sermons that make me wonder if the Pastor has been a fly on the wall of my house. They always seem to hit the right spot in my life that needs a little tweaking.

Today I am especially thankful for the awesomeness of Aleve, it takes the edge off  of the intense amount of pain I am in from thinking that it would be a good idea to drag my lazy (not to mention out of shape) butt to kickboxing.  It was fun, I loved it, but the soreness is unreal.  I think I am going back again!

Teva sandals, pretty polished toes, and weather to match.

Baseball season

Netflix, streaming through our Wii!

Now onto Mac’s thankful list!  I love how their little almost 5-year old brains work.

*The YMCA, I love to go swimming, I like teacher Wendy and when she tells me to jump in.

*I am thankful for you too Mommy, you let me go to Myla’s house, and have 2 cupcakes (Myla is my good friend, who happens to be an amazing cook, listener and just a supremely fantastic woman all the way around)

* I am thankful for my friends Maddy and Chase, I like to play with them and the have really fun toys.

* I am thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for me, did you know mom, that he died for me because he loves me?

* Mom, I am thankful for Myla, because she lets me play at her house all the time, and because she is nice to you mom.  🙂

I love the simple things that kids are thankful for!  Hope your Thursday was/is fantastic!

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  1. Did you check the label of your aleve?! Hopefully they have smarter people at their factory than advil. And monkey bread sounds soooooo good right now! Yum!!!

  2. awww……great list of thankfuls from both you and Mac!


  3. Your list makes my brain overflow w/ thoughts! I love it. I'll cast a few out…rumba..I've been wanting to try that lately b/c i've heard so many talk about it. My lack of rhythm may make others want to run the other way. And I fully understand the sermon fly on wall thing too. Just proves God sends us just what we need at the right time. I've often wondered what really must be stored in alton brown's noggin! Seriously he's like a fountain of knowledge. And I get the aleve thing too…I must take aleve- d b/c I have a cold and its the only one that works for me. And monkey bread….I love eating that for breakfast! Please feel free to send some my way 🙂 like I said I had lots of thoughts…..
    thank you so much for linking up I hope to see ya again next week!
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  4. My crazy auto text editor changed The word ZUMBA …..grrrrr. sorry. Whatever the heck a rumba is? It's late and my proofreading skills left way earlier so I didn't catch it.

  5. Is there anything more precious that a child's thankfulness list? Maybe only a mother that encourages, nurtures and teaches the tiny heart full of gratitude.

    I'm visiting (and following) from Blog Hop Thursday.

    I hope your day is full of joy.

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