A Few From Mac, and A Few From Me.

Monkey bread, and the friend who gave me the cookbook that the recipe is in.

Zumba, it burns off the Monkey bread that I ate way too much of.

Lavender baby wash, and the scent of it on Potter J’s hair.

Royal wedding week, it makes my imagination run wild. I think I might like to be a princess, just for a week or two! Those hats look like so much fun, not to mention the royal jewelry!

Food Network, especially Alton Brown, I might possibly have a teensy crush on him.

Sermons that make me wonder if the Pastor has been a fly on the wall of my house. They always seem to hit the right spot in my life that needs a little tweaking.

Today I am especially thankful for the awesomeness of Aleve, it takes the edge off  of the intense amount of pain I am in from thinking that it would be a good idea to drag my lazy (not to mention out of shape) butt to kickboxing.  It was fun, I loved it, but the soreness is unreal.  I think I am going back again!

Teva sandals, pretty polished toes, and weather to match.

Baseball season

Netflix, streaming through our Wii!

Now onto Mac’s thankful list!  I love how their little almost 5-year old brains work.

*The YMCA, I love to go swimming, I like teacher Wendy and when she tells me to jump in.

*I am thankful for you too Mommy, you let me go to Myla’s house, and have 2 cupcakes (Myla is my good friend, who happens to be an amazing cook, listener and just a supremely fantastic woman all the way around)

* I am thankful for my friends Maddy and Chase, I like to play with them and the have really fun toys.

* I am thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for me, did you know mom, that he died for me because he loves me?

* Mom, I am thankful for Myla, because she lets me play at her house all the time, and because she is nice to you mom.  🙂

I love the simple things that kids are thankful for!  Hope your Thursday was/is fantastic!

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