A skunk on a leash.

Do you ever wonder what people will say about you after you die?
I do.

I hope they say good things,she loved Jesus, she was a devoted wife and mother, she loved her family and friends, she made people’s lives better because she was here. She sang like an angel (so not true…you know the sound cats make when they are fighting?  That would be what my singing voice sounds like…but face it, this is my blog, so I can say anything I want.)

But I know better, there will be things people say that are not so good: she was too mouthy (a true statement) she was proud, or rude, she made me miserable every time she was around. 🙂  I know that I am a work in progress and that my presence does not bring everyone joy. (I am ok with that, I think.) I just hope people realize that I am human, and that I am really  trying to represent Jesus in a way that would make him proud.

I have been thinking of my grandparents, especially the three that are in heaven.  I have this really amazing legacy of people that are hanging out with my sweet girl, loving on her until I can do it myself….yay for that!  While I was thinking of them I started thinking about the stories we tell about them around the dinner table.  The good. The bad. and the hilarious.

I am going to focus on the hilarious.  Because let’s face it, they can’t do anything about the stories that I am going to tell about them…..and I would like to think that they are telling Ireland about all the good, bad and funny things that they have witnessed me do along the way.

Take a walk with me, into the lives of some people who are dear to me, and let me tell you about them…their good, their bad, and their oh-so-funny.  

Meet Joe McGuire, my dad’s dad.  My dad grew up on a ranch in south-east Miles City, Montana. His dad was a hard-working, salt of the earth kind of guy…..a guy  who was a little rough around the edges, full of cowboy wisdom, and the creator of the best sour-dough pancakes in the entire universe.  My grandpa passed-away when I was 6-years old,  so most of the memories that I have of my grandpa are slightly fuzzy.  I rely on my dad to tell stories of him that I can hang onto, plus my dad has a way of telling stories that can make me dissolve into fits of laughter.
Enter Grandpa Joe…..
My grandparents would come to Billings to visit a few times a year, and one of the times they came up happened to coincide with my birth and the purchase of my parents first (and only) house. Well along with the purchase of this house came a family of skunks that lived under a little shed/playhouse in the backyard.  
So my grandpa and my dad decided that they wanted to get rid of the skunks (I can’t imagine why). So, my dad and grandpa decide to “catch” these skunks and dispose of them**. Dad and Grandpa Joe caught these skunks, and my mom in her wisdom, decides to get the camera, and catches these two men walking this family of skunks down the street…on leashes…..don’t ask me how they managed this, but I have the proof on a picture…
The reason for “walking” the skunks to another location should be apparent,  but for those who may be wondering why anyone would want to attempt this feat,  you see God created skunks with a certain defense mechanism…when they are scared, hurt or in this case exterminated, they give off this pungent aroma….so it stands to reason that if you remove the skunk from around the newly purchased house, when the skunk is disposed of, the smell would not permeate the new house…..and then the wife (aka my mom) would be happy, therefore her husband would be happy…..Logic my friends, simple logic! 
** I am sure that there are rules now, for the proper disposal of skunks, but just know this…..the skunk removal project was almost 27-years ago….so don’t send me a mean email about the rights of skunk families……..I can’t do anything about it.  🙂
Hope your night is great!

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  1. oh my gosh, Jessica, I can't imagine how they managed to get the skunks on leashes! so glad your mom took a picture of it too! (can I see it when we come to visit?) I was laughing out loud thinking and imagining how this all came to be

    if I was to write something about you after you died, it would be

    “devoted and loving and true and real, she loved her family and she loved God, and she told the funniest of stories”

    hugs to you, I know this is incredibly hard for you but yet you persevere…..I truly admire you


  2. Wow that is a funny story.
    It is something I think about to and even before I lost 2 children. My Dad died when I was 21 and I think I bet those children are having fun w/Grandpa. He never got to see the ones on earth.
    I wonder what people will say and I always told my Mom that I didn't want a open casket cause if they couldn't see me while alive , I didn't want people lookin at me then.
    Anyway , I don't know you only from online but I think you are a Awesome , Loving ,wife amd mother. Sweet and caring even before Ireland left you always had something nice to say. I remember last spring when I posted something about my pregnancy and you had said something so sweet about it. It meant alot to know that you cared even though we had never met.
    I pray for you everyday and think of your family so often.
    Sending you some {{HUGS}} my friend.

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