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Carver and Mama

About Me:

This is always hard, how about 10 things you should know about me that would come in useful if I ever needed to be bailed out of jail or needed a character reference.


  • I love my kids: Like more than anything in the world. They are the reason (literally) why I get up every morning. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than spend my moments watching them grow.
  • I have incredibly high expectations for them and for myself.  I am raising gentlemen.  People that others will be proud to call sons-in-law, husbands and friends.  People have told me that I am intimidating …. ok, whatever. I can take my crew anywhere, and never be embarrassed about their behavior. It will be stellar, or we’ll leave. If we leave, when we get to the car my crew knows their goose (or is it geese) are cooked.
  • I hate being on this side of eternity without Ireland: I wake up everyday and I think about my girl. How part of my heart is missing and that I will never be complete until we are all together again in heaven someday. My heart aches for her. My life is divided into two categories; before Ireland and after Ireland. Living without her is so frustrating–but there has been so much beauty, I have to choose to see it.
  • I LOVE hosting exchange students: I love, love, love, other cultures. I love asking questions, knowing things about people. Talking to them and eating their food. To date, Kevin and I have had 13 students live with us since 2005. SO MUCH FUN! Except for the one time when we had to get police involved…But that was one rare occasion and can’t ever see that happening again. Because, well….It just won’t.
  • I have a potty mouth: What can I say. I am a work in progress. Some of the first words my kids learned were very well-placed swear words, that were used correctly and in context….because let’s face it…when someone cuts you off in traffic–you call them a dumb-a*
  • I also have almost zero filter: If I think it, I say it. I am getting better–I like to think I am like a fine wine, getting better with age…however this lack of filter has come back to bite me, in the form of my middle son. He has the same zero filter and while hysterical, it’s also so very EMBARRASSING…….could this be God’s sense of humor and that ever-bitter piece of humble pie?  I do think so!
  • I hate three foods: Spaghetti-Os, bananas (unless they’re cooked in something like bread, or banana-split dessert) and sloppy-joes. Gag-eww, barf…disgusting. No thank you. However, if you cook them I will eat them, because my mama raised me like that. I love: Diet Dr. Pepper, Blue Cheese, Salmon, red wine and trying out new foods unless it’s on the list above!
  •  If I could have one luxury: it would be a driver for my kids, I hate driving. I am in the car from 8:00 am until 8pm Monday-Friday and it makes me so very sad. I wouldn’t splurge on a maid, it would be a chauffeur.
  • I am so very, painfully disorganized. I try. I suck. I give up. Someday, maybe I’ll get it figured out…..when I am not driving in my car.
  • I saved this one for last, because it’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING. I love Jesus. He is the breath of life and the reason that I can put one foot in front of the other. He is my savior and the reason that I have hope of seeing my precious girl again. He is the most important thing. You don’t have to agree with me, I won’t preach to you, or at you, That’s not me. I’ll just love you because, really that’s what we’re supposed to do–love people


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