Baseball Mama

Take me out to the ballgame!

There is NOTHING more thrilling than watching your son face a 40 mph pitching machine and WHACK a baseball right into center field!  It makes me jump up and down, scream and my mama pride gets a bit bigger….Cooper has loved baseball since he was old enough to carry a ball and bat.  When he steps on to the ball field, he is at home.  There is nowhere, that my biggest boy is more comfortable.  He’s focused, relaxed and completely comfortable.  I love that.


Yesterday, Cooper tried out for the Majors team in our district Little League.  Last year, another team in our town, made it all the way to the Little League World Series…Cooper has dreamed all fall and winter about being on a team that is as talented as those other little boys! His 3rd grade year has been marked with adjustments.  Some good, some difficult, but all great character builders. I am thankful that the busy-baseball season is upon us once again.  A great way to end a challenging school year! 🙂

Looking forward to hotdogs, peanuts and the ever-fickle weather this season as I cheer on my baseball-loving boy!


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  1. So did he make the team? WTG if he did! But still an awesome sport to play and I’m sure he plays it well! If you do head this way in October, do let me know and I’ll see what I can do about getting the time off from work. October is a great month weather wise down here.


  2. Karen S. says:

    …and we thought we had so much fun growing up, until now we can watch our own children grow up! We are blessed!

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