This week turned into an epic fail.

Potter has been sick 90% of the winter, from October until now, we have been at the clinic 15+ times….ear infections, respiratory distress, flu, RSV……………you name it, he’s gotten it.  I finally found a pediatrician who listens to me and makes me feel like I am not crazy!  We started him on a cocktail of medicines to help regulate his wheezing, coughing and overall icky-ness.  Finally when she had done everything she could, we decided to put tubes in Potter’s ears, and schedule an appointment with the Pulmonary specialist for Children.

Tube surgery=success.  Pulmonology; not so much.

r takes, and the history that I gave him of Potter’s health, the doctor decided that we needed to move a step further, and do more investigating as to why, nothing seems to be helping.

Tuesday, when I went to check on Potter J. during his nap, he was blue.  Struggling to get air and starting to panic.  So an ER trip, several breathing treatments, oxygen and an overnight observation in the hospital, still have us grasping for some kind of solution.

When Hamad heard that Potter was in the hospital, Kevin called me and said, “Oh my gosh Jess, Hamad is so upset about Potter, he came in and was looking for his ‘little friend’, when I told him where you were, he got a terribly pained expression on his face, and said , ‘It’s almost like he is my child.  Can I go and see him?'”

By this time it was late, and although I wanted to settle P.Joe in, I agreed.  My heart was so thankful that Hamad loves our family.

Potter was thrilled when Hamad got to the hospital, reaching for him and smiling (greatest sight ever). The nurses were confused, when I went to make P.Joe a bottle, the nurse asked me, “umm that’s not Potter’s dad is it?”  I just giggled and explained who he was.  She smiled and said, “that’s about the sweetest thing that I’ve ever heard.”

Hamad is Muslim, I am not sure that I’ve mentioned that, but would venture that most people who know where he is from would assume nothing different.  Kevin, Hamad and I have had many conversations about his faith, and ours.  He is very open about his beliefs, and willing to answer the dumb questions.  We interject about Jesus as much as we can, without making him feel like he’s being force-fed.  So at the hospital the other night, Hamad asked me, “Can I pray for Potter?”  I hesitated internally for about a nano-second and then said, “Please do, I would appreciate it.”

This man, who was a stranger 2-months ago, laid his hands on my baby and prayed to Allah, for healing and restoration of his little body, while he was praying out loud in Arabic for Potter, I was praying quietly in my heart for Hamad.  My greatest hope is that he would see Christ through our family, and while he stays in our home. My prayer is that he would go home to Saudi Arabia, and tell people, the Christians that I lived with were wonderful, they were caring, opened their home to me, and loved me like I was their brother.

Hamad, gave our family a special gift that night, he gave us the gift of understanding. I understand that though our beliefs are different, kindness is universal.  I understand that though we may never agree on religion we can still care for, love and build relationship with others.  I understand now that love comes in many forms, and that his simple act of kindness will resonate in my heart forever.

Kevin and I would really appreciate your prayers, for several different things.

1.  Healing for Potter, and a complete restoration of his lungs, and any other underlying issues.

2.  Wisdom for his Doctor as he continues to search for a combination of medicines, and interventions that can help P.Joe.                                                                                 3.  An extra measure of peace for my heart, my biggest struggle is allowing Satan to get in my head, and make me travel to dark places in my mind.  I have fought so hard to overcome those fears.

4.  Prayers that we could influence Hamad in positive ways that would show him what Christ looks like, and that His grace is what gives us hope.

Thank you all so much for loving my family, for praying for my boy, and for faithfully reading this blog.






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  1. Oh Jess, I could not of been so gracious.. you are one of a kind! XOXOXO

    • Kori,
      I think if you would have seen his heart, you would have done the same. The Jesus we follow would have done the same. Seek and save the lost. Show kindness toward others and be a light in the darkness. He needs a light, he needs us to love him and woo him to the Christ that saves!

      Love you friend. More than you know!

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