Our house grew in testosterone again in July.  When Mercer, Mac Pjoe and I went on an afternoon adventure to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, I never dreamed we’d be coming home with a dog. When I walked around the corner to the dog room, this face was looking at me.

What you can’t see is,  between his front legs is a large tumor ( the vet had an eight-mile name for it.)  Basically a tumor that grows on nerve endings, but is easily removed and slow growing.  So it shouldn’t come back.  When people walked into shelter, all they could see was old dog with nasty tumor.

I saw his story, and his eyes.

The note on his kennel read something like this:

Hi, My name is Buddy, and I am a 7-year old Yellow Lab, my original owner is deployed and the people who were taking care of me, couldn’t anymore.  I’ve been here for a while, and am needing a home.  I have a tumor growing between my front legs, it doesn’t hurt me but it’s cumbersome and makes it hard to run and play, I love to play.  If you adopt me, the Shelter has offered to pay for the surgery to remove my tumor.  So it wouldn’t be an expense to you.

I saw his eyes, and I saw my sweet Ellie in his face.  I was ruined.  I took the note on the kennel, up to the front desk and asked if Buddy could live with us.  They looked at me, looked at my boys and handed me a leash.  Give him a try, see how he fits at your house, and we’ll schedule his surgery in the next week or so. I am so very glad we stopped into the shelter that day, Buddy is home and I have four little boys who have a furry companion.

Buddy went in for surgery yesterday, and when I spoke with the vet, she told me that when they removed the growth, it was 8-pounds.  He had to stay in the dog-hospital last night, and we’re on our way to get him this morning.

Eight pounds lighter and home forever.



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  1. Leah Aaron says:

    I had a yellow lab named Buddy for almost 14 years. This story warms my heart. I am so grateful to hear such a story of compassion and love after hearing so many of selfishness and heartlessness. Have a wonderful life with Buddy.
    All the best from Marin County.

    • He is a great, great, great, great dog.
      ♥ We too had another yellow lab, and had to put her down a couple of years ago. This guy is definitely filling the spot she left!
      Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Cheers for rescuing this dog from the shelter.


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