Building Plans

When I was a little girl my mom and my grandpa (Popo) built a coffee table for our living room.  That table is still in my mom’s house.  Almost 10 years have passed since he went to heaven, and when I look at that table, I can still remember them piecing it together in my mom’s little workshop.  It’s nothing fancy, in fact it’s kind of a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” kind of table.  But on the bottom, signed in Sharpie is my grandpa’s name.

His Faded Signature


My mom’s love of homemade things passed down to her daughters, and my sister is a champion diamond in the rough, kind of girl.  She has furnished several of the rooms in her house with thrift store and re-purposed treasures.  I am just starting to find out who I am, and I am venturing out with some bravery in making my house a reflection of me….

So when I received a pintrest invite, I jumped on it….I want to be crafty, but I need to see an idea before I can replicate it, they don’t just pop into my brain.  I found an AMAZING farm-house table that was inexpensive to build and was a really fantastic replica of the table on the  Restoration Hardware website.  Plus it would fit our entire family, with room to spare and for about…..well, when I did the math, it was 97% less than the one on RH….(jumping up and down on the table, doing a fist pump.)

22 years after my mom and grandpa built a table in her workshop; my dad and I started building my farmhouse table.  My  prayer is that when my boys are grown with their own babies, we will still be sitting around my homemade dining room table, sharing meals and laughter and memories together.

Coffee Table


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  1. I think your table looks amazing. Great job!

  2. Popo thought I was being silly when I asked him to autograph the underside of our handiwork!
    I’m sooooo thankful that I insisted on it and I’m thrilled to see that you and dad signed your piece of work!
    Love you — lots!

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