Dear Cam Newton

Mr. Cam Newton,

I want to thank you for your comment, about being a “loser” It was a great talking point for my boys and I.  The chances of you reading this blog post are small, and that’s OK. I do want you to know that I don’t believe for a second that you are a loser. Your performance in the Superbowl didn’t make you a loser, your behavior afterward did. You see we are all given choices in how we handle situations, good and bad. I am not an NFL analyst, I don’t know the ins and outs of football. I watch the game because I live in a testosterone fueled home, and that’s what we do for 17-weeks in the fall…and I love hanging out with my boys.

I watched the game on Sunday , after spending two, awful days at a swimmeet where my two middle sons added time to each of their events and became more and more discouraged with every race they swam. As I looked at their faces at the end of the day, my heart broke for them. Mr. Newton, my boys are not “losers”. They worked their hardest, gave 100% effort and their times didn’t decrease.

Did they lose?


Did you lose?


Do I look at my son’s, show them your comment and tell them that they’re losers, because their swim meet was a failure?

No, sir, I can’t do that.

Because I am building men. I am building these small, unsure, little humans into people who have character and see their worth outside of a performance.

Mr. Newton, I think you’re an incredible athlete, I would love to give you the mama-hug, I gave my middle boys, look you in the eye and tell you your worth is not based on a performance.

You are valuable, you are worthy and you are loved. Thank you for giving me a chance to talk to my boys about their worth.

A Committed Mama

Dear Lord,

Help me to teach my children how to win with grace, and to lose with integrity.  Show me how to model to them what it looks like to walk through seasons of discouragement and failure with perseverance and gratitude, instead of blame and entitlement.  Lord, please guide me while I show my boys the right way to win and  while they celebrate, to encourage the others who didn’t. To be humble in their victories. Help them learn to thank YOU, their team, their coaches and their mentors for helping them reach their goals, and for the guidance along the way.

Help me to raise children who see the blessings in both seasons of loss and in seasons of plenty.  Lord, give my children’s coaches the strength and the wisdom to do their jobs well, to see the potential in each of my boys and the courage to have the tough talks with them, when they need the truth spoken into their lives.  Give my boys ears that would hear the truth and to respond well, and move forward with new knowledge and understanding. Show me how to be the parent who encourages both player and coach.

Most of all, Lord, help me to instill in my children that their value is NEVER based on a performance, a game or an event. They are valuable simply because they are my children; your children and they were bought at very high cost. The blood of your son. The cost was great, and my boys’ value is immeasurable. Give me the words to bring peace to their hearts when they’re feeling like they’ve let their teams down, or themselves.

They are valuable, they are worthy, they are loved.

Amen Amen

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  1. That is some beautiful stuff right there Jessica! Thank you for sharing, honored to be your friend. You teach me a lot about be a mom. God bless, xoxo, D

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