Catching My Breath…

I think March is my least favorite month of the year, it is loooong and gray and dreary.  Not quite spring, but not quite winter either. We have been bombarded with yucky mopey and really depressing days, I never realized how much I need the sun for my sanity and general disposition until recently.  I am really grumpy, just ask my husband and boys.

Soo here we go, let’s catch up shall we?

I took Potter J. in for a his 2 month appointment the middle of February……..he weighed 7 pounds 12 oz, remember at birth he was 6 pounds 7 oz.  So he had gained 1.6 pounds in 8 weeks, not good.  I had been exclusively nursing him, and he seemed to be nursing ok, he was sleeping fine and content, but not gaining weight.  So when the doctor came in he asked me what I was doing, I told him.  Feeding every 3 hours, sleeps for 6-7 hours at night, and takes several 2 hours naps during the day….Does he poop?  Uhhh well, now that you mention it, he hasn’t pooped in almost 2 weeks…….so he asked me if I was ok with giving him a 4 oz bottle of formula to see how he took that.  Sure I said, what could it hurt……well my little sweet potato, sucked down the bottle in about 5 minutes and was looking for more…Dr. G told me that he thought I should start supplementing him with formula just to make sure he started gaining.  He wanted me 3 days later, and if he hadn’t gained at least 8 oz they were going to admit him for tests.  I guess they were thinking his kidneys and liver weren’t working properly.

So we fed Potter J. and we fed him, and we fed him some more, the poor kid was getting a boob or bottle shoved in his face constantly………and by that next appointment, he’d gone from 7 pound 12 oz to  8 pound 10 oz…… ( I am pretty sure that is the right number)  so almost a pound in 3 days.  I was starving my little guy, and I didn’t even realize it.  This parenting thing is not for the faint of heart, good grief…..I cried over that little guy, nothing worse that the mommy guilt of not being able to adequately nourish your child.

He’s getting to be a little porkey-chop now, and is probably one of the sweetest babies in the entire universe….

So that was February in a nutshell…… and onto March…….
I learned a few things about myself and all of the wonderful things that being pregnant and a being a mother can cause:  Stretch Marks ( soo  disgusting), black circles under your eyes (not cool), hemorrhoids (need I say more), gray hair  as well as post-partum hair loss ( yahoooo) but the thing that I learned about being pregnant that I never knew until March, was that pregnancy is the #1 cause of Gall Stones………..oh yes friends I have had the privilege of having gall bladder attacks after having this little biscuit baby…..

Gall Bladder attacks are unbelievable……I thought I was having a heart attack.  I went to the ER, they assured me I wasn’t having a heart attack, that it was most likely gall stones, and told me to meet with a surgeon.  I went to see the surgeon on Monday, and was scheduled for surgery the next day…..It went fine, and I was home that night by dinner time.  I did find out that I was flirting with the recovery room nurse, please know that I was drugged, and am very much in love with my husband!  🙂

Me:  “Hi, will you hold my hand?”
Nurse (who happens to be male):  “Sure.”
Me:  “I really like you.”
Nurse (who happens to be male): ” Well, I really like you too.”

That little thing in the picture that is green with yellow spots, is a gall bladder (totally useless if you ask me) but ooooh my word,  it can cause a whole bunch of grief….I have a new found respect for women who have c-sections.  I have never had one, and let me tell you healing from abdominal surgery with 4 children has been more than difficult.  Luckily my mom and mother-in-law came over to help me out, and some really amazing friends brought dinner to us for the first couple of days.  So to all of you c-section mommy’s you are my hero’s and I think you deserve to be put upon a golden pedestal!

Ok so that’s our last month in a nutshell, I am really going to try harder to be a good blogger, I love this little online journal, and I feel so much more calm and centered when I get a chance to pour out my life, frustrations and joys on this little piece of  cyber space.

Happy Friday!

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