Chef’s dinner/ Random Bits

The Chef’s dinner was last night and was a huge success.  The venue was gorgeous, the food was incredible.  14 Chefs from the Billings area, made every kind of food you could think of and presented it in the most unique and beautiful ways.  My incredibly talented photographer buddy  Jaymee was able to promote her business, by covering every available inch of wall space with her amazing art.

Kevin looked HOTTTTT! in his suit and pink tie (worn especially for Ireland) Best of all we got to tell our story of loss and healing, and  to share how important the March of Dimes is to our family.  This charity has been such a huge part of my life these last few months, and last night when we crawled into bed, I told Kevin that I felt like a chapter had closed in my heart after the dinner was over. I am so grateful that we have given Ireland a voice, and that  even though this journey has been so hard; it has been worth the pain, to be able to see changes in people through her story.

I was able to reconnect with my former 5th grade teacher, who happened to be at the dinner. She looks the same as when she was my teacher (gorgeous). She was my favorite teacher all through school.  Her heart is huge, and she LOVES her job.  I tried to talk her into coming back to Cooper’s school so he could have her when he gets to the 5th grade, (if he keeps having girls do his homework, he might not make it past the 2nd grade.  He is so his mother’s child! )

I got the final count from the State Director today, and the dinner raised $55,000  all for those sweet babies!  I am so proud of our great community for making a difference in the lives of these tiny people, and for their mama’s and daddy’s.

The sad part about last night, is that I got NO pictures…..I forgot to bring my camera.  So not only do I have no pictures of how gorgeous the venue was, I have no pictures to show you all, of how HOTTTT my hubby looked!

I am off to smooch on my sleepy boys, and to take a super hot bath.  Our house is a little chilly tonight, and I think I may have to break clean and turn on our furnace…..60 degrees when you get out of bed is a little too cold.  🙂

Good night all,

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