Counting Down…

Mac and I started the kindergarten countdown in January….

“Mom how many days until I start school?”

“I don’t know Mac-a-doo, let’s count and see.”

I am not sure how many days the countdown started with, a whole bunch. When we started counting the number of days was well over 100. Mac told me that he couldn’t even think that high.  We are down to the final two weeks before my second born begins his journey through the muddy waters of public education.

I posted  this summer about considering homeschooling my boys.  With prayer and pondering (and a healthy dose of guilt from my mom.) Kevin and I decided that we’re not the homeschooling type.  I am sure if the need arose, we would home school with abandon. But as of now, we don’t feel like that is where the Lord wants us.

As I was weighing the decision, I got a note from a dear friend of mine who lives in New Zealand.  She was a determining factor in my decision, her encouragement was just what I needed to keep my focus on God’s plan for my kids and not just my plan.

What a hard decision! While I don’t have kids and I don’t know the details of the situation at your kids’ school, I can imagine you have a fierce protectiveness, wanting to keep them from any harmful people or situations. On the one hand, I can see why you would want to remove them from that. On the other hand, we can never fully remove ourselves (or our kids) from hurtful people, but we can teach them how to respond as Jesus responded to hurtful people and situations.

I also can understand your fears about homeschooling! I do believe that if you decide that is what God wants you to do for your children, he will give you everything you need to do it well. At the same time, perhaps you can do just as much good in their lives by teaching them how to live in the world. Fear of your inadequacies might make you not do homeschooling, but fear of the world might cause you to do it when maybe you shouldn’t. Either way, don’t let fear be the determining motivation in your decision.

I’m not saying either way is right or wrong; you and Kevin have to decide that with much prayer. Those are great verses to meditate on, and they can support your decision both ways. And I will be praying with you!

I do want my kids to know how to live in the world.  I know that the lessons they learn from situations in school will help shape them into the men they are to become.  My role, while still important becomes more of a supporting role.  They need a guide, and advocate and an encourager.  Someone who is quick to pray and ask for guidance, someone who shows them all the possibilities and strives to lead by example.    I pray that my children are a light to the kids they go to school with. That my boys will show Jesus to their friends and help create a revolution in their schools.

Kevin and Mac went school supply shopping last night….This is a HUGE step for me, because I am the buyer of school supplies, underwear and shoes. Kevin truly enjoyed taking Mac and picking out his school stuff….I was proud of him, he only called me once about something on the list! 🙂  Mac came home with a grin so big his eyes disappeared.

“Mom, look at my backpack, it has Batman, and look I got crayons and glue and some paper,” He told me.

Then he leaned really close into my ear and said, “These are just mine, I don’t have to share them, I get to take them in my backpack and go to school.”

“You’re right buddy, they’re just yours, ” I told him with a twinge of sad in my voice.

Time flies, and before I know it he’ll be walking across the stage getting his diploma.  “God help me to cherish these moments, to stop and look at the world through my boys’ eyes.  To slow down and just engage. ”




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  1. Ahhh that pulled on my heart strings! I have been feeling the same way about Mason…..wanting to protect him from the world but knowing that he needs to learn to live in it with me as you put more of a supporting role. (thats a hard pill to swallow! but so true!) I love reading your blogs, I try not to miss any. You truly have talent so keep on writing!!!

  2. I like that, to slow down and just engage. Wonderful decision to not homeschool at this particular time of your life. Wise decision to prepare them to meet the world and live for Jesus. Can’t believe he will be in kindergarten already!


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