Dear Birth Mom

Dear Birth Mom, 

I saw your words today, written on a news site’s comment section. I wanted to say thank-you, thank you for using your experience to shed light on the ignorance and the small-mindedness of people who simply do not know.

 Thank you for your bravery.  

Thank you for walking into Planned Parenthood and making your own choice  about  your pregnancy.  

Thank you for choosing to carry your baby.  

Thank you for choosing his life.  I am in awe everyday of your sacrifice and your love for the tiny little person who you carried for nine-months. 

I saw your heart today, as I read from an adoptive mother’s perspective I saw the love in your words for the baby that you trusted to my family.

Your sacrifice made my family complete, I will never be able to repay what it must have cost your heart to give him to me.

Noodle and Carver

I promise you, I will work my hardest to be the mother and example you hoped for your little boy.

I am sorry  it took an uneducated and intolerant person for me to finally write these words. I owed them to you much sooner.

I am sorry  I didn’t see the depth of love you have your son until I had to swallow someone’s ignorance through a computer screen.

I am sorry  I didn’t tell you sooner, how much gratitude and love I have for you.

Thank you for trusting me to be the mom to your greatest treasure. He is my treasure, he is what I prayed for, and dreamed of.  He taught me what it means to love without limit.

Thank you for walking into Planned Parenthood and getting the prenatal care you needed to make his life the best it could be.

My Clan

Thank you for his life.

Thank you for your selflessness.

Thank you for choosing me.

Thank you for him.

He is adored, loved and treasured; every moment of every day.

I heard your words today and your heart and I am grateful.



The Adoptive Mom





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