Dearest Potter

Tomorrow you will be 18-months old.  Where does the time go?  30-seconds ago I was feeling your kicks inside my belly, and wondering what kind of little boy you would be? Now you are running around with stubby legs, sun-bleached hair and a smile that is full of energy.

You sweet Potter are the life of our family; spunky, sassy, and a wee-bit stubborn.  Your smile is magical and your laugh is like music!  I love you more and more every day.

Every morning you wake up smiling, When I come into your room to snatch you out of bed, you bounce up and down you’re so excited.  We go upstairs and get our breakfast, every morning it’s the same, bananas,

Cheerios and chocolate milk.  When you want something, you say it and say it and say it, until I give it to you, like your morning banana, “Nanny, Nanny, Nanny,”  When I prompt you to use your manners, you sign “please” to me and say,”Weese.”


Other words that you say often and with authority are,

More <–mo-mo-mo-mo { You will keep saying this until you get whatever it is you want!}

Baseball <—bay-bou (ball sounds like owww)

Mama <– Mommmmmmyyyyyyyyy {long and drawn out, and if I am not listening to you the pitch goes up to just under the speed of sound.

Dadda <—–{for some reason you don’t scream this like you do Mama!}

Peanut <—-nee-nut {we eat a lot of peanuts at a LOT of baseball games}

DON’T <–{this one comes out clear as a bell}

Pup-woo-woo <—{comes out all as one long word}

Cow<—{followed by a 10-minute MOOOOOOOOOOO}

No <–{again, you say this with force and absolute clarity}

Go <—–{when you say this, you pump your fist up and down and say it over and over, “go, go, go, go, go}

Uh-Oh <—{this doesn’t mean what you would think, you like to throw your pacifier (sucky) over the edge of your crib.  You yell uh-oh, I pick up the pacifier….and now it’s called an uh-oh}

Baa- <–{a drink, of any kind.  Your favorites are chocolate milk, mom’s morning coffee and of course Diet Dr. Pepper.}

Baby <–{any time you see a picture of yourself, or see yourself in the mirror, or see a picture of someone who looks even the least bit like you, you say “babeeeeee”}

I am sure there are more words that I can’t think of now, you talk a whole big bunch, and are learning more and more every day!  I love listening to you say fun things in your little voice.

You have a stubborn streak, when you want something you are hell-bent to get it, you have been known to throw a few fits (one of which I am documenting in this post, simply for blackmail at a later date!

You are madly in love with your brown-fuzzy, your Nana and your Auntie Meg.  You have them wrapped around your sweaty little finger, when they leave our house, or when we leave theirs, you pucker out your lip, reach out for them and cry the biggest crocodile tears .  Nana says she feels terrible when you do that, but secretly I know she loves it, so do me a favor and keep crying when you have to say goodbye to her; it makes her day.

Anyone who is around you, knows that you’re the youngest child.  You’re easy-going, smile at anyone and know no stranger.  You love people, and people love you!  You are a daredevil, things that I never thought a baby could do, you seem to manage.  I can’t count how many times in one day you fall off of something, drop something on your toes, destroy something.  You are a pint-sized tornado.

You are a blessing sweet-Potter and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mama.  You make my heart happy, and I look forward to watching you grow into a wonderful man.

All My Love,


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