Deep Breath

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I am linking up with The Gypsy Mama today for another week of 5-minute Friday…..

Today’s prompt is ;

Deep Breath….

Go:    3:15pm

Deep Breath………my baby is 5 today, where does the time go?

Deep Breath………C is alive, broken, bruised and in for a long road of healing.  I pray that she realizes that God had his hand on her on that Sunday night. I pray for the words to show her God’s love, and his saving grace.

Deep Breath…….Potter J. is home from the hospital, still not 100% but much better than he was last week.  These respiratory bugs are so scary. The antibiotics are helping.  Deep Breath………..God loves my boys far more than I ever could. Trust him. Deep Breath.

Deep Breath……my husband always losing his keys, never putting them in the same place.

Deep Breath……my 8-year old losing his baseball hat AGAIN.

Deep Breath…….the smell of the fresh cut grass across the street, and seeing that mine looks like the Amazon rain forest.  Oh well, tomorrow I can mow it. Maybe?

Deep Breath……loving the smell of my Scentsy when I walk into the house. 

Deep Breath…….the snuggly warmth of baby smell, and the immediate calm that comes when I nuzzle my nose into his neck.

Deep breath………letting the kids play outside and spending 5-minutes relaxing with a cup of coffee and a journal.

I love deep breaths.

Stop: 3:20pm

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