Dirty Laundry?

Have I ever mentioned that I have 5-boys?  Well I do….with those boys there is a significant amount of laundry that accumulates at our house.  If I miss a day it takes me three to catch up.  Well, because of the nasty flu-epidemic that is floating around our town, I decided that all of our bedding needed to be un-germed.
That in itself is a great idea, however my washer (although commercial sized) is not big enough to handle multiple blankets, comforters and bedspreads.  So I decided that the boys and I were going to tackle the Laundromat and get all of our bedding done at once…..

I loaded up the goods and the kids and the anti-boredom activities and set off!  I walked into the coin-op laundry and I was instantly transported back to Kevin and my early days of marriage….

Kev  was in college, Cooper was a baby, and we were lacking a significant income.  Looking back on it, I think we lived on about $800.00/per month and half of that went to rent.  We lived an a cruddy apartment in a not so nice part of town and had to share laundry facilities with twenty-one other units….Needless to say, I packed Cooper up once a week, along with all of our laundry and went a-washing. I prayed for the day that I would have a house with laundry hook-ups, so I wouldn’t have to pay to wash my clothes.

God listened, and in the nine-years since our coin-op laundry days, he’s blessed me with four more boys and hundreds more loads of laundry and a home with laundry hook-ups in the basement….I am one lucky girl!


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  1. Jenna Newman says:

    I also dream of the daya where i own a washer & dryer and can do a load whenever i want!

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