Kelly if you’re reading this I am sorry.  I know that you’re going to roll your eyes in about 5 seconds……


I got totally swept away by the Royal Wedding a couple of weeks ago.  The magic, the diamonds, the dresses and hats.  It was a fantasy on live TV.  I talked about it for days and Kevin would just look at me and grin, ( and probably wishing that he could move far, far, away.) I wanted to have a party and watch the festivities, but I couldn’t seem to pull it together, not to mention that all of my friends thought that I was nuts.  I planned on getting up and watching the show. It started at 4am my time, so my sweet and thoughtful husband set our alarm without me knowing, so that we could wake up in time to watch the wedding. He woke up with me, because he knew how much I wanted to see it!  Haha! I am sure he’ll want to kill me for posting that on here.  But guess what?  I was so tired that I only saw her get out of the car, and her sister fluff her train, then I fell back to sleep.

I did get up and watch it with my coffee at a more appropriate hour of 7am!  But as I was watching Kate walk down the isle with her daddy, I wondered what kind of dreams that her parents must have had for her when she was a child.

I know that when my boys were born and Ireland too for that matter.  I spent the first couple of nights getting to know them.  I always loved that first night in the hospital, when everyone would leave and I got the boys to myself.  I would unwrap them, and count their toes and fingers and all the other parts.  I would smell them, and snuggle them and I would dream.

I dream things for my kids everyday, I want them to be successful, smart, kind, devoted, generous, compassionate, adventurous, I want them to love Jesus, I want them to love their families, I want them to be content….There are so many things that I want for my boys….

But I don’t dream huge dreams for my boys….like that they’ll be the next Michael Jordan, or Tom Cruise, or The President of the United States…. I dream that they graduate college, find a career that makes them happy. I dream that they marry a girl who loves them, I dream that they experience the joys of being a parent.  I dream that they know the value of family and friends…. I dream that they’ll have a heart for the Lord from a young age, and that it doesn’t take a tragedy to wake them up.

I would venture a guess, that when Kate’s mom and dad were holding their newborn baby girl they weren’t dreaming that she’d be the Queen of England.  They were dreaming that she’d grow to be a successful, kind and driven woman….a woman that looks for the good in people, a girl who makes the world better just by being in it.  Those sound like more realistic dreams to me.

I wonder though, if the sky was the limit, what I would dream for my boys?  What big things would I dream for them?  I don’t think I really have an answer for that, but it does give me something to think about.

What dreams do you have for your kids?

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