When I wrote about the crazy email that I received and the frustration that I have with people who are just naturally mean; I never expected the responses and encouragement that I got from so many people who read this blog.  I was very touched.

I strengthened me to hear that I am not alone in the battle with callous and careless people.  Oftentimes when I am  in the midst of struggle I feel like I am battling alone; that’s not the case and I am so thankful for people who responded with positive suggestions and ideas!

Thank you, Thank you!


Now  the good stuff:

This baby:

who grew into this toddler:

who is now this little boy; started preschool on Tuesday.

When Mcguire started Kindergarten last year, Moose went through what I can only describe as a mourning period.  He and Mac are 17-months apart, and although night and day apart in personality they were (and still are to some degree) two peas in a pod.  When  I was given the opportunity to put Moose in school, I jumped.  Before, our finances were always too tight to put the boys in preschool; but this year, thanks to a very generous friend/family member we were able to put Mercer in school.

Tuesday was his open house {slash} first day, and he was adamant that my sister take him for his first day of preschool.  He LOVES her, they’ve been buddies since day one–It must have something to do with her being in the delivery room when he was born!  Mercer goes in the afternoon, so he has the morning at home and then school.  At 7:30 when I was getting the big’s out the door, Mercer was standing in the kitchen in full school gear.  I had to break it to him that he still had five hours left before school started.  That backpack stayed on all morning; through a 2-hour Pulmonary appointment for Pjoe, through target and lunch.  When my sister and I walked him into school, and he saw all of the kids and parents, he froze;

“Actually, I am going home with you.”

“No, actually you’re going into preschool,” my sister told him  {lucky she was there or I might have let him come home.}

Frogs, guinea pigs, fish and really good treats awaited him inside!  The teacher is wonderful, the classroom is full of fun things to do, and the best part is that it is a Christian-based preschool that works not just with their academics, but their spiritual growth as well!

Blessed we are, and happy I am  to announce that yesterday when I dropped him off, he didn’t look back! I guess he’s over his jitters!

Now that little boy who was lost with out his playmate, is venturing out into the big-wide-world, and taking it all by storm!

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