Exfoliating Treatment

I did my first ever 5k race today…..it took me forever, but I finished.  So proud of me.  I am overweight, not a fan of exercise and I have a sweet-tooth that is pretty darn big.

This 5k was different from a normal race, it was a MUD race!  They call it the Dirty Dash, and it was wonderful!  My sister, her husband and his brothers (and wives) all did it too.  Kevin stayed on the sidelines and took pictures!  Next year he’s going race with me!

The other thing that made me excited about this particular race is that they donate proceeds to the local YMCA as well as shoes to people in need!  Great thing for people in the community!

It was probably one of the best days ever.  The perfect ending to an incredibly trying week…..

I hope you all had a fantastic Saturday and here are some pictures of my mud spa treatment! 😉

Without a doubt one of the BEST day’s EVER!



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