Five Minute Friday:  Expectation

Cooper plays baseball, he is madly in love with the game and plays with a passion that is awe-inspiring.  Earlier this spring he tried out for the Majors team in our local district.  They held try-outs for three days.  You only needed to come to one of the days, he went to all three.  “Mom I am so nervous, what If I screw up?  What if I don’t make if?”

What if,

what if,

what if?

The coaches and assistant coaches collaborated and made their decisions for who would be on their teams.  Cooper’s hard work had paid off and he made the team, only he didn’t know it yet. The coach called while Cooper was at AWANAS.

He waited in expectation to hear if he made the team, for days he’d ask me, “You think they’ll call today?”

Finally, they called and then I was waiting in expectation for Cooper to come home so I could tell him that his hard work and positive attitude paid off.

When he walked in the door, it was all I could do not to grab him around the waist and swing him in circles.  “Sit down Cooper,” I said.  ” I got a call from the coach for the majors team tonight, and….”  his eyes got big and his lips pursed together.  “Well Cooper, I know how much you want to be on that team, and I know how hard you worked, I just wanted to tell you that, well…………YOU MADE THE TEAM!”

The roar from Kevin, from Cooper and from me, was so loud the baby started to cry.

Expectation, it’s a beautiful thing.


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  1. Love it! Great Expectations fulfilled are a beautiful thing! 🙂

  2. Watching Coop-Man out on the field makes my heart happy!
    I love that he is sooooo determined and dedicated!
    What a guy! 🙂 (My say WHAAA WHOOOO!)

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