I have gut trouble. I have dealt with my belly aches and pains since I was in high school.  It is something that I just deal with.

Until recently.

Over the past few months instead of getting better my guts have gotten worse, so finally, at the urging of my mom ( her holding me down and dialing the doctor’s office whilst I kicked and screamed) I scheduled an appointment to get checked out.

When I arrived at my appointment and put on the very *ahem* flattering gown, the doctor poked, prodded, ordered blood-work and told me that I needed to have a……..


Yep, you know those procedures that require you to drink a gallon of explosive poo potion, and then go to a doctor for them to stick a vacuum hose up your wah-zoo, all while trying to keep some sense of pride and modesty…… Yeah, I get to have one of those TOMORROW.

So,  tomorrow I go, tail-tucked and colon-cleansed to have this procedure done…..my silver lining is this; a 10 pound weight-loss over night and a really good dose of sedatives!

All joking aside, I really would appreciate the prayers tomorrow, while the doctors are checking me for several (not fun) things that could be causing the problems with my guts.

Thanks a bunch!


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