Extreme Survival.

I get to learn all sorts of things by living with boys.  I know more about leather man tools, baseball mitts, and bullets than I ever could have thought possible.  I am typing this post, while watching a show about extreme survival.  I have never watched it before, but as near as I can tell on this episode, these two men are following the trail of the Donner Party.  They are living off of the land in every sense of the word.  No Holiday Inn, or McDonald’s in sight.  It looks scary!

My boys are 100% engaged in this show, they have not made a peep in over an hour other than to tell me that the man on this show is so cool, and that we should really try to  build a house out of a tree, and eat a beaver for dinner.  Ummmmm No thanks. I will just stay on the clearly marked trail, and pray that I don’t run into any kind of wild animals (beaver’s included.)

Sometimes I wonder why God chose me to be the mom of boys.  I am not super girly, but there are alot of “boy” things that I really would rather not do.  I don’t like camping, I don’t like hunting,or watching the hunting channel. I do like to fish, but only once the worm is hooked, and then when the fish is out of the water I want someone to take the slimy,wiggly, thing off of the hook.  I squeal when I see a spider or anything crawly, I don’t like to catch frogs or toads or snakes….

I wonder what God knows that I don’t.  Why he chose me to try and wander through the mysterious world of boys. This life is always interesting and unpredictable.

I think God knew that I would be a good candidate for boys because he knows that it takes quite a bit to ruffle my feathers, noise doesn’t bother me, chaos is typically ok, and I am not easily embarrassed….all of those things are pretty much a necessity to raise boys.  There is never a day that goes by that I don’t shake my head and roll my eyes at one of the goofy things that my boys do.  I think my mom sometimes looks at my crazy house and wonders what I got myself into….I don’t know if my sister and I embarrassed her, I am sure we did.  But I think the things that my boys come up with to say, are probably 10 times worse than what my sis and I could come up with.

Mercer came up to me yesterday while we were eating lunch with my mom at Arby’s and said, (in his only volume….LOUD.)

“Mooooooom, I pooped in the potty, and I wiped my own butt.  But I promise I didn’t use all the toilet paper and make the potty water go on the floor.”  My mom’s face turned a really pretty shade of pink, and I giggled then looked at him and said,
“Oh Mercer, that’s great,  but next time you go potty at a store or restaurant, make sure that you tell me in my ear that you wiped your butt.  Nobody else wants to know about you pooping.”  What do you do?  The kid is pleased as punch, that he is able to do things that his big brothers do, butt wiping included……

Do little girls say things like this?

I didn’t see the point in getting upset at his loud proclamation, he is still trying to figure out what is and isn’t ok to say, and who else is going to teach him, but me and Kev.  So rather than get fussed up, it is just better to stay calm, and laugh because one day they will all be gone, and I will be wishing that I still had a few more moments of little kid innocence in my life!

So even though I am totally out of my element with these goofy boys, I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to raise these them, in the best way I know how, with a little bit of humor, some grace and a whole bunch of prayer.

Happy Mama’s day to all of you mom’s, especially you mom’s of boys, because something tells me that you’ve more than earned your title.  🙂

PS….The guys on the show, just killed a python, and now they’re going to eat it, and make a water bottle out of its skin…………Oh Lord, please don’t ever let me have to live in the wild without electricity, steak and Diet Dr. Pepper. Most of all, please don’t put me into a situation where I would have to eat a beaver or drink out of a snakes skin…Thank you.

  In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. I love this. 🙂 I fully expect a story like the pooping and wiping one you shared from my daughter in a year or so. A few weeks ago I took her to an organ recital my friend was playing. Other than the two of us and about four other people, everyone else in the room was over 70…you kinda get the picture, right? Anyway, right after she finished her bottle, Mae let out a belch that would have rivaled my hubby. Of course, it was BETWEEN songs!

    Seriously? I could not stop laughing. That is SO my daughter. Then, she finished the show with some pretty crazy grunting as she worked on a diaper. I have a feeling that our lives are going to be anything but dull with her around!

    Enjoy the fun memories. And Happy Mother's Day!

  2. LOL about Mercer and his “telling it all”. I think God knew you were the perfect mom for sons, especially your precious four, because you go with the flow like you said, nothing catches you by surprise and God knew you would rely on him for a lot of strength and wisdom in raising them! You are a great mom and person! They are blessed indeed to have you as their mom, as Kevin is blessed to have you as his wife!

    I hope you have a good Mother's Day!


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