Eyes….and 20 Origami Cranes

I was sitting on the floor today, while my Japanese girls were folding me 20 origami cranes ( I have a vision, we’ll see if it works…) anyway, I was staring at my boys’ eyes.  They all four have different colored eyes, I don’t really know how that happens… I didn’t really pay attention during the genetics part of biology (or any other part for that matter)…I have brown eyes and Kevin’s are a really gorgeous shade of blue. I don’t think outside of today I have ever stopped and pondered a single piece of anatomy on my boys (unless you count the day they were born and I counted their fingers and toes.) I was captivated by my kids’ eyes for quite awhile.  Funny how something that you see every day a thousand times, can catch you by surprise and pull you in. Look at their eyes, they are so amazing….

I know that this is a random and waaaay out in left field kind of post.  But I just love how little things like this can make me stop and admire the creative genius that God is.

I think it is amazing how intricate the human body is, I am fascinated by my boys’ that those small humans (Potter J. in particular) started with just two small cells and turned into someone completely unique.  Someone with a  unique personalities, finger prints, eyelashes, toe nails and downy fuzz for hair. That is just the tip of the iceberg.




My Japanese girls have the most delicate hands and fingers, they hold themselves almost regally.  I feel like a clod, every time I am with them.  I love that they look so different from my family, and that my boys get to experience Japan right from the floor in our living room.  It is incredible. My girls are delightful, full of grace, and endless patience for my children’s sometimes overwhelming energy.  They fit right in with our family.

Alright, enough rambling for tonight, but I wonder if all parents get caught up in the beauty of their kids like I do?  I can’t be the only one right?  I hope not….

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