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Linking up with a fellow  blogger and mom of a gigantic brood of kids  (She also has 4 boys.)  Anyone with that many weenies in one house, has my respect and my prayers!

Friday’s Favorite Things

1.  Strong Coffee.  Big steaming cups of, put-hair-on-your-chest- coffee.  Especially after 1am bedtime and 5:30 am wake up calls.

2. Garage Sales….I love look at people’s unwanted things and coming up with a story about that person, based on their for-sale stuff.  Plus, I’ve made it my goal to furnish my entire house with garage sale, flea market, and estate sale finds.  So far so good!

3.  Baby Belly laughs Potter J. is starting to get tickled by little things now, he has this smokers cough/laugh/squeal that is to die for! I have yet to catch him on video, he doesn’t like to perform for people….One of these days I’ll catch the giggle and then he’s going to be famous!

4.  Farmers Market:   Our local farmers market starts tomorrow and runs through the first part of October.  Farmers market is by far my favorite part of summer.  Fresh produce, herbs, baked goods and food trucks, all in a 4 block area.  For the last 2 summers I worked every Saturday, so I wasn’t able to go except for once when I took a vacation day.  I am beyond excited to have 3 1/2 months of Saturdays to enjoy our local market!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


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  1. I like your list of favorites!! How fun with Farmer’s Market. I liked going; always ran into people you knew and everything for sale was always so good. I remember one of the ministries making a chocolate bread we would always try to go early for. Delicous!

    I bet Potter’s laugh is so precious!!

    have a good day!


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