I decided that I need a lifestyle makeover…..I watched Julie and Julia the other day and fell in love with the movie (and the real woman). I thought the movie was adorable, and I love the relationship that Julia and her husband Paul had.  It was almost magicial.  Makes me want to work a little bit harder on my marriage, so that when people remember Kev and I, they say that we had a magical kind of love!  (I just re-read that, and I threw up in my mouth a little)  but in all honesty, I do want a fantastic, fun, over-the-top kind of marriage.

The thing that I loved so much about this movie, is that Julia Child went out on a limb and started something new. She was an American girl transplanted into France with her husband.  She had to figure out how to speak the language, make friends and survive in a foreign country.  She did just that, and she did it with a little bit of flair. What an example.  I want to be fearless. I want to take chances that could change my life….not like speeding down the interstate on the wrong side, but the kind of chances that would take guts and some brains to see turn out amazing!

So my goal for the next season of my life is to become fearless….to teach my boys to dream big dreams, to push themselves beyond what they think they’re capable of, and to take whatever curve life throws at them and use it to make them stronger and more wise.

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