I logged onto my facebook account tonight, and saw a message from a friend of mine, and Ireland’s headstone has been set.  The final step is complete, and as much as it hurts I know that she has a piece of earth that is hers, that will forever be a reminder to myself and my family about the fragility of life and how quickly it can be taken. It’s a place where we can go and honor the memory of a little girl whose life was too beautiful for earth.  Born into Jesus’ arms, I don’t think it could be any sweeter. 

I also wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog,  thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the prayers and support that you’ve given my family and I over the last three months.  Writing this blog has been a huge comfort and a way to express my grief in a tangible and healthy way.  So for those of you who are followers and for those who stumble across this journal, I pray for God’s great blessing and peace on your lives, no matter where you are in relationship with him.  It is my prayer that through writing down my thoughts, whether they are positive or negative that the people who read this will see God’s work in my life, and see that despite my imperfections, I truly want to glorify him and further his kingdom, to show that no matter life’s circumstances Jesus is faithful and he will meet us in our lowest and most desperate points, and that he will bring  us to a place of rest, peace and comfort.  That is all that counts in this uncertain world is his promise of hope.

As I have prayed over going out to see her stone, this song that we sing in church has been playing over and over in my head,

I will bless the Lord forever,

And I will trust Him at all times.
He has delivered me from all things,

And He has set my feet upon the Rock.
I will not be moved, and I’ll say of the Lord:
You are my Shield, my Strength, my Portion, Deliverer,
My Shelter, Strong Tower, my very present help in time of need.

Whom have I in Heaven but you.
There’s no one I desire beside You.
You have made me glad, and I’ll say of the Lord:
You are my Shield, my Strength, my Portion, Deliverer,
My Shelter, Strong Tower, my very present help in time of need.

My very present help in time of need.

He is honestly all that I have and I am desperate for him in ways that I have never realized.  So please if you’re reading this and are unsure about this God that I am talking about, and just want to understand him more, email me and we’ll have a conversation.  I promise that I won’t preach that would never be my heart, but I want nothing more than for you to know him like I know him.  Forever and for Eternity.


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  1. (((Jessica))) I think you summed it up so well with finality with the placing of Ireland's headstone. I was thinking of you this morning when I was reading 1 Samuel about Hannah and Samuel. How she gave him to God like she promised. When she “dropped” him off that very first time, she prayed this:

    1Sa 2:1 Then Hannah prayed and said: “My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high. My mouth boasts over my enemies, for I delight in your deliverance.
    1Sa 2:2 “There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God.

    I was thinking even in her sadness of giving Samuel to Eli and not seeing him but once a year, she still could praise God and give him glory and honor. And then I thought of you because even though you are incredibly sad about Ireland, you and Kevin are still praising God and giving him glory. Though I know it is hard, though I don't know how hard it is for you

    You are reaching people because of the way you are living through your grief by trusting God. I don't know what impact and you might never know the impact, but I am sure his kingdom is being advanced here on earth because of your testimony during this season of your life

    hugs to you……

    (like I said before, if you want me to see where she was laid to rest, I would be honored to go with you there)


  2. Jessica~ You are certainly bringing glory to the Lord! There is no doubt about that! Irlands life and yours is a sweet aroma of the Lord's steadfast love!

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