Fish For Dinner

We are a food family, almost all of our memorable moments revolve around some sort of eating.  My mom makes the best potato salad, my sister makes so many amazing things I couldn’t even list them.  My dad makes the best eggs in the universe, and that is just my side of the family.  Kevin’s dad is a creative cook, and has mastered the art of the smoker.

Papa's Fish

The guy holding the fish is my dad,  he went fishing in Alaska with his college roommate and two other guys.  They caught Salmon. BIG SALMON.  Guess what we get to do with that Salmon? We get to eat it.  Better yet, my father-in-law is going to smoke it!  Oh heck yeah! If I shut my eyes and think really hard, I can almost taste it!  Did I mention that I like food?
Four guys went on the fishing trip, and between the four of them, they caught over 300 pounds of fish.  Divided out, they each brought home 75 pounds of fishy goodness!

This Was Only The Catch For One Day....

Let the Eating Begin!

Happy  Tuesday!

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  1. that is awesome Jessica!! I’m sure it will be so delicious!! Love salmon!!!

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