Forgiveness: Day 2






I was finishing up my bible study for tomorrow and I logged into that nifty little app called YouVersion it’s an online bible app that has more bible versions that I can count….in more languages than I’ve ever known existed!

Well on the main screen was a 21 day challenge (I guess that 2012 is a leap-year).  The challenge was to spend 21 days committed to reading the bible. YouVersion has many reading plans  and in keeping with the challenge I set for myself this month, I searched their site for reading plans focusing on forgiveness.  Low and behold there were several (guess I am not the only one who struggles in this area.)

The one I chose was 40-days to Forgiveness.  I opened it up, and let out a rather heavy sigh………I guess that God won, for the last few months the person that I am struggling to forgive keeps showing up in places where I frequent.  Every time I see her, I know that I need to move forward.  Most of the time, I do pretty well at ignoring those little twinges of conscious that I feel in my heart. I left my class on Tuesday night feeling unsettled.  It is not by coincidence that I keep running into this woman; and well it seems that if I don’t take an assertive role in making this area of my heart right, I will keep having uncomfortable encounters.

I downloaded the reading plan, plugged in my ipod and settled in to listen to the words.

Today’s passage is Psalms 25:11-12

For the sake of your name O’ Lord, forgive my iniquity, thought it is great.  Who, then, is the man that fears the Lord?  He will instruct him in the way chosen for him .

Reading this Passage caused me to think through a few things.

1.  Who are the people in my sphere of influence, who are struggling to forgive me as I struggle to forgive?

2.  What are the things in my life, that I need to ask forgiveness for?  –part of me is afraid to honestly pause and think on this answer, for fear that I will have many things to confess to the Lord and to others.

3.  What is my unwillingness to forgive, hindering in my life?



Help me to forgive as you forgive.  Help me to remember that you are the example that I look to and that only because you have forgiven me, can I walk without condemnation.  Lord, reveal to me the people in my life that I need to ask for forgiveness.  Give me a spirit of repentance and of sincerity as I try to repair any damage that I’ve done.  Thank you for new beginnings and for not giving up on me when I dig my heels in and refuse.

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  1. You should write 365 days a year!

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