Generous Donations

Kevin and I want to take a minute and say Thank You so very much to those of you who have donated to our adoption fund.  We are so thankful and incredibly humbled by the gifts that people are giving us.  I want to make sure that you know what our goals are for the use of these funds, so that those who are wondering will have some clarity.

First, all the donations received are going into a savings account/investment account.  The funds will  pay the court costs, homestudy fees and any medical expenses that we accrue.  A dear friend of ours has donated his time, to draw up the legal paperwork for us, and honestly without him, we wouldn’t be able to proceed.  So from the bottom of our hearts, Kevin and I want to say thank you.

The excess funds, will continue to grow in the investment account, while we spend the first months bonding and settling in with our baby,Kevin and I will be praying for God to multiply the funds, in a way that only he can do.  During this time, our hope is that people in our sphere of influence will be praying for others who are hoping to adopt, for those families to come into our lives so Kevin and I can pay forward what we’ve so generously been given.  You see,  this beautiful generosity  doesn’t end when we bring our son home. The ripples of your selfless gifts will continue to grow.  What you are doing for us, we do for someone else, who then repay the favor.  The ripples grow, blessing those they touch.

This journey is so much bigger than us.  I can feel it!
Thank you for your willingness to partner with us in our adoption journey.
We are thankful. So very Thankful.

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