Gentle Reminder

Before our family lost Ireland, I was doing some reading and I stumbled across this saying.  Little did I know, that within the next few months, I would be living this very statement.

The phrase always swirled around in the back of my mind, but I didn’t think about it very often.  Last night, I was *ahem* {lookingonpinterestinsteadofdoingthedishes}and I saw the saying again.  I find it easier now to see God’s grace within that season with the lens of time and retrospect, but in the midst of the storm the agony of loss clouded the beauty of grace God so mercifully gives!  I am thankful for perspective and hindsight.  Oh-so-thankful.

So while you’re in the storm, rest in the fact that grace is there, protecting and holding you even when you don’t feel its touch.

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