Germ-Tastic and a Really Stinky Attitude

Yesterday was the first time in the almost 10-years I’ve been married, that I have ever seen my husband knocked out with a bug.  He went into the doctor because that hangy-ball thing in the back of your throat (I know the real word, but it sounds creepy) was the size of a quarter.

He couldn’t lay flat because it would block his air.  The doctor (on Kev’s second trip) gave him a shot of Penicillin in his tuchus and a mega dose of steroids.  I am happy to report that he is among the land of the living today.  Poor guy.

Kevin came home from work tonight, marched downstairs and proceeded to tell me a story about our oldest child (who has a big case of the too-big-for-his-britches) going on right now.

In a brief synapses of their conversation these are the main points:

  • Kevin drives an ugly, drug dealer van, that smells funny (it’s a 1999 Ford Windstar; paid off)
  • I (Jess) do all the work, while Kevin goes to his job and plays on the computer.  While I am at home doing all the work, Kevin is spending all the money I give him. {bwahahah}
  • Cooper never gets to do anything that is remotely fun, we make him do too many chores.
  • Cooper wanted a pop-tart and couldn’t believe that Kevin wouldn’t give him money to run into the gas station and buy one.
  • Kevin never shares his money, and he has TONS. (I wonder where he’s hiding it, oh wait it must be from the stash I give him!)
  • Upon pulling into the garage and seeing the kitchen light was off, he muttered, ” Mom’s not even cooking, I wonder what SHE did all day.” (my sister invited us over for dinner)

God bless patient husbands with a sense of humor, because otherwise, I fear my oldest child would be kicking his lunchbox down the road!




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  1. Grandma Pat says:

    Way too funny–oops, not Kevin being sick…I mean Cooper’s attitude.

  2. Bwahahah–I can’t wait for that stage of boyhood amongst my crew. I remember all too well learning how to work for an allowance and valuing what my folks did all day by stacking and restacking a pile of bricks that I’m pretty sure Grandma kept around just for that purpose.

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