Goat, It’s What’s for Dinner

I am so happy that Kevin and I opened our house to an exchange student again.  I absolutely love having someone who isn’t familiar with American customs and traditions come into our family!  Taco night was a huge success, three helpings and an enthusiastic, “Great meal.”  Trust me, my taco’s are nothing spectacular!  Just burger, some cheese and a couple of tomatoes for garnish.  Feeding people who love to eat is one of the greatest pleasures in life!

Hamad has treated us to Saudi Arabian style coffee, the beans are lightly toasted, and then ground with cardamom, and cloves.

Image Courtesy of travelpod.com

The house smells AMAZING, and the coffee is silky smooth and it is obvious that Hamad likes to see us enjoy something that is important to him!  While he and I were visiting on Friday, he asked me if I missed having a job, I told him no, that I love being home with my kids.  I like that I can fix them breakfast and spend my day doing the mom gig.  He smiled at me, and told me that he hopes he has a wife like me someday.  I think that is one of the highest compliments I’ve ever been paid.  My whole day was brighter after hearing those words.

He told me that men that want to marry, have to pay a dowry to the Mother-In-Law, and buy expensive jewelry for their future wives.  I laughed when he asked me how much did Kevin pay for me!  I honestly thought I was going to snort coffee out of my nose!

Laundry day was a fiasco, flooded laundry room, and a panicked college boy, totally convinced that he ruined my basement! I just laughed at him and told him it was no big deal!  I think he was afraid I was going to boot him out of the house!  We have a slow drain in our laundry, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve come downstairs and had water EVERYWHERE.

On Saturday evening, I was just getting ready to head out the door and Hamad came home with a box of something….I asked what he had, and he told me that he wanted to show his appreciation for letting him stay in our house, so he bought us a goat.  He had a friend that went to the auction yards and bought a goat.  I have never eaten a goat, and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to, but I took the box and put it in our freezer, I have every intention of figuring out how to cook goat for dinner sometime in the near future. So in typical Jessica style, I found a cookbook on Amazon…..because a girl, can’t ever have too many cookbooks!

I love this life.  I am so excited that someday when I am 82-years old, all of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will beg to hear the stories of a freezer full of goat and all of our adventures with foreign students!  I can picture it now, Kevin beside me, in his rocking chair, kids around the table and our boys rolling their eyes at the wacky old lady with purple hair who tells the same stories over and over!  And YES, when I am 82, I will rock purple hair (and really saggy tattoos.)





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  1. The crazy thing? I can truly picture you with a rocking chair, vivid purple hair and the saggy tatoos of course! HA!

    • ha, ha! Won’t that be something? If each of the boys have four kids that is 16-grandchildren, and if I am lucky and each of my grandkids have 4-kids……..well I don’t think I can count that high! 🙂

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