I’ve missed my blog hops, I don’t know where October went, much less half of November.  Yikes. But I am linking up with the Gypsy Mama tonight for 5-Minute Friday…..

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I’ve watched them grow from floppy infants into little creatures with spunk, personality, and wisdom beyond their years.  I’ve watched them walk, and talk and ride a bike.  I’ve watched them fall, and trip and scuff their knees.

I’ve held their hands as they’ve become groggy with anesthesia to take out tonsils, and adenoids and very large slivers.  I’ve watched them bounce from their classrooms with nothing more to worry about than the snack they’re having when we get home.

I’ve watched them grieve, for a sister they don’t get to protect, for a faithful pup who never said no to an ear scratch or a well-thrown tennis ball.  I’ve watched them cry tears over hurts they can’t articulate and fears that are all too real for their little hearts.

Most of all I’ve watched them grow from tiny babes into little boys with big hearts and clumsy feet.  Boys who fight like mortal enemies in one breath, and in the next are encouraging each other to “get back up and try again.”

These small boys, have grown in me a place that nothing other than their stinky feet, and dirty fingernails could ever fill.




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  1. As always, beautifully written Jess! They do have a way of getting into our hearts! You are raising great boys!


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