I had to take my two middle’s to the dentist…………{you’d think I feed them a strictly sugar diet, oh my gosh I about crawled under the carpet with the hygienist came out after their check up and told me that between the 2 of them, they had TWELVE, YES TWELVE cavities……………………………………..}

Mom of the year, right here…. {ugh}

Because of the location and depth of a couple of the cavities, the boys needed sedation, a small cup-full of fluorescent pink liquid, and in about 10-minutes both Mac and Moose were slurring words, giggling and sticking their fingers up my nose and in Kev’s ears.  They went into the back of the office and an hour later we took two drunk and staggering little boys home to sleep off their stupor…..

Dropped Potter J. off at my friend’s house this morning.  The thought of wrangling two incoherent boys, plus packing a baby who loves nothing more than to eat gum off of the sidewalk made me want to drink some of the magical pink liquid and drift off to la-la land.  So Potter J. went to play with his baby-buddy and I  went to the dentist.

The friend who was keeping Potter, handed me a card as I was getting into my car.  I grabbed it and pulled out of the drive way.  When I got the boys situated, I opened the card…and in the quiet waiting room, I started to cackle, LOUDLY.  My ever supportive and witty friend’s card was just the boost that I needed to keep my chin up and to keep looking for the silver lining in this season of struggle!

Yep, Hallmark, you hit the nail on the head with this one! 😀  For the record, my friend did write me an incredibly encouraging note!  I appreciate her friendship more than she’ll ever know….Thanks friend for loving me through the rough stuff!  You’re one of God’s greatest blessings in my life!  ♥


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