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I am doing a blog hop from another mom who like me, has a baby waiting just on the other side of the veil. She has a great blog! Check her out!
Everyone needs a happy list!  I guess it is kind of like the Thankful list from Thursday, but I promise I won’t repeat any!
1.  Saturday morning snuggles with my boys, they crawl into bed with Kev and I and we giggle, and watch cartoons, and make up silly stories.  I know that these days are fleeting, so I am going to cherish them while they last.
2.  Tulips, When Kevin and I bought our house, it was September…so most flowers were done blooming, we had no front or back yard, and the house was pretty much a mess.  So we tackled the inside, and didn’t give too much thought to the yard….Much to my delight the next spring, I had dozens of tulips growing in my front yard!  They are so friendly!
3.  A really good cup of coffee, there is nothing that I love more than laying in my bed and smelling the coffee that is ready and waiting for me after a night filled with baby feedings, bad dreams, and bed wetting accidents….you know the nights I am talking about!
4.  Automatic car washes, I love going through the car wash.  I think it is the coolest thing ever.  My kids love it, they get super creative while we spend those 3 minutes in the tunnel.  Sometimes we are searching for treasure in a cave, sometimes I dinosaur has eaten us, and sometimes we’re in the ocean and are being attacked by a gigantic octopus.  I love that they can find adventure in the mundane.
5.  Fuzzy Socks and Fleece PJ’s, we spent today at Cooper’s baseball game (the first of the season, he pitched and did great, hit a double and their team won)  but it was COLD, wind, snow, more wind, some more snow….it was a blustery day.  After the game, we had a birthday party for one of the kids’ buddies and he wanted to go fishing.  I was a rock solid ice cube by the time that I got home this evening.  I love curling up on the couch with my comfies on.
6.  Watching Disney cartoons with my kids, as I type this tonight I am sitting on the couch with my two exchange students from Japan, and Mac watching Tangled, if you haven’t seen it….WATCH IT!  It is adorable.  My friend has a little girl who is hopefully going to marry one of my son’s someday (she’s a dolly) anywhoo she came over and we watched Tangled, and when we were done she looked at me and said, “Someday I am going to be A-punzel….”  I wanted to eat her! 🙂
So that’s my happy list for the week!  I hope you had a great Saturday!




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