And all your future lies beneath your hat.

  John Oldham

My friend Kassi crochet’s hats….ADORABLE hats!  Earlier this year she asked me if my boys could come out and model hats while her friend took pictures for her website/etsy shop!  I said yes, (who doesn’t want free picture of their kids.)
I had never seen the pictures, but today when I logged into my Facebook account, I noticed that a blog Kassi follows posted a link to a giveaway that’s on their  blog….upon closer inspection I realized that the little boy in the picture is Mercer!

I had to look a couple of times, uh mom of the year right here!  Oops!  So I entered the contest, and then went to the photography website so that I could snag the pictures of my kiddos!  She did some great work with the pictures!

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