Three-months, much too long.

pain calling

I had a conversation with my friend and editor for Simply Family Magazine, I told her that I was thinking of shutting down this blog, the joy was gone from writing about my life.  I was simply too busy to spend any time on personal writing.  Photo-shoots, writing assignments, sports, PTA and the daily life of five-boys.

Each time I logged into my account to shut down this site, I couldn’t seem to delete it.  I have too much invested.  Too many tears, too many laughs, too many things that I’ve shared on here to just quit.  I crave a place to recharge and refocus. Last week, I met a mom who is very much like me.  She is living in the harsh reality of those first days after burying her child.  Those raw moments where reality is hazy and everything feels like a dream.  I remember that all too well.  I remembered then why I sat down at the keyboard.  To pen the hurts, and put words to the pain that was tearing me apart.

I just can’t give this up.  I was riding with my mom, and we were talking about our bucket lists, and I joked that the only thing on mine at this moment, is to survive.  This blog helps with survival and I am not ready to say goodbye.


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  1. I love to read what you have to share, you have a special gift for putting your feelings down on paper, please do not quit!

  2. You are amazing Jess! So proud of what you have accomplished.

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