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I have an incredibly talented family, my mom is crafty and artistic, my sister is a painter, my dad can weld like none other.  I also married into an incredibly talented family.   Kevin is a brain (and as I found out today, really good at Power Point presentations) my mom-in-law is a sewer and scrapbooker extraordinaire, and my father-in-law went to film school and has this creative eye that can’t be described.

As most of you know, following the loss of Ireland, I had the opportunity to step onto the Executive Board of Directors for the Montana chapter of the March of Dimes.  I had no idea how incredibly therapeutic and healing this little venture would be for me.  Being around people who are committed to a cause, whose  number one goal is to make sure that babies are born healthy is something that is for obvious reasons very near to my heart.

I am slowly learning to accept that my purpose in life is to walk a road that not many travel.  To carry a burden that although tragic and life-changing,  has also been able to bring me to a place of greater compassion towards people, and a bring a focus within myself, that I didn’t seem to have before we lost our girl.

More now than ever, especially with the impending arrival of our new sprout, I want Ireland’s voice to be heard.  I want people to remember her and cherish her like we do.  So when the  State Director of the March of Dimes approached me about possibly telling our story at a dinner/fundraiser for the MOD, I said sure.  This was a few months ago, and I didn’t really think about the fact that I would have to stand up in front of 250 people and tell our story, and why the March of Dimes has become such a huge role in our lives. Luckily, the director is a super smart gal, and the ladies that work with her are equally amazing.  They suggested we make a video to tell our story (and take some of the pressure off of me.)

So remember the Father-in-Law that I mentioned before….well he happens to work at our church and is charge of all the video production and the visual arts that go along with the services.  I called him one day, and threatened to never let him see his grand kids again,  if he didn’t help me make this video…..he said yes.  We had the opportunity to watch this video last week, and in honor of the fundraiser tomorrow night and our stillborn daughter, I wanted to show you all the incredible final result of his creative genius.   So from my promise to Ireland, and my husband’s great dad, here is the video that guests of the dinner will see tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy it!


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