My house is in an undesirable part of my town.  Lower-income, on the wrong side of the tracks and just a little run-down.  This house is where I call home, faded blue and in desperate need of painting, unassuming from the outside.  But when you walk inside, it beckons; sit here, relax, draw comfort.

Here is the place that I’ve grown my family, spent hours washing clothes, cooking dinners and creating memories.

Here is where I’ve experienced joy, grief and the beautiful moments in between.

This house with its old windows and peeling paint is where we live and love and draw comfort.

My heart has been discontent lately, wanting more, bigger, newer and nicer.  I had a heart check last night, as I was complaining about things that really don’t matter.  I felt this little nudge,

“Jess, be still.  Good things are coming, take heart and put in the effort to make your house the light in this neighborhood, be the safe place, the comfort from the storm.”

“Here is where I want you, Here is where you are called to be.”




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