I wonder?

Kevin came home the other day and told me that his work is building a call center in the Philippines.  He laughed and said,” Maybe I should apply to work overseas.  Want to move to the Philippines ?”  I laughed and said, “Sure, honey….where you go I’ll go, as long as I can get Diet Dr. Pepper…..and a latte sometimes!

I know that he was joking, but part of me wondered what it would be like to pack up our boys and take a year-long adventure to a foreign country?  It would be an experience of a lifetime.  So much fun!  I follow a blog called “Living the Dream” this gal is a Texas native transplanted onto an island in the Indian Ocean, for a year.  She chronicles her life living far from her Texas home.  Such a cool experience!

I asked my best buddy non-nonchalantly today, what she thought about living somewhere abroad for a year….she told me to “DO IT.”  A year isn’t that long!

Wouldn’t that be something?  I found myself day-dreaming about it today while I washed the dinner dishes….the food, the smells, the people…. starting from scratch and experiencing  a new life together.  What would it be like to live on an island? Balmy breezes, warm ocean water and a slower-pace.  I could almost feel the air on my skin.

Kev and I went to a wedding on Sunday, it was gorgeous.  I sat next to him through the ceremony, and I listened as the pastor spoke the vows that the bride and groom were to repeat.  I don’t remember saying my vows when I married Kev…I was too busy trying not to throw up. 🙂

I promise to love you.

I promise to be faithful to you.

I promise to walk beside you and be your partner (even if we move far away).

It has taken me almost 9 years of marriage, to get to a point where I would be able to take our family and follow Kevin if he chose to take a job somewhere besides here.  I don’t think early on I could have left and not made him feel guilty every step of the way.

I am thankful that we are on the other side of marriage.  We know each other now, things are comfortable and familiar.  We are used to the annoying things that both of us do (the don’t cause as many fights as they once did)….I trail off when I talk, lose focus and switch subjects faster than a blink.  Kevin drums on things, the steering wheel, my leg while we sit in church, our babies as he burps them.

When my sister got married a couple of years ago, I told her, “Meg-Pie the first couple of years really stink. When you take two people who’ve been raised differently, with separate values and rolls and ideas, you’re bound to have fights.  But  I promise you it gets better, the things that are big things during those first few years, become less big….things mellow and ease.  Familiar sets in and life becomes like a favorite pair of shoes, soft and comfortable and safe.”

I am not sure if that advice was helpful to her, but I know that I have mellowed with age (and with kids) and that I can honestly say I love my husband more now than on the day that I married him.

I am sure that this post seems very random in light of what I usually blog about, but for me it took a silly comment about moving to an Asian island for me to realize that after almost a decade, I am willing to do as Ruth did in the bible and say,

Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.  Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.  Ruth 1:16-17

I’ll follow you Kev, no matter where life takes us. I am committed to you, and to our family.  I promise to be your partner, friend and encourager.  I love you to the moon (and maybe the Philippines).




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  1. Oh wow, I love this! I have learned so much this year on our adventure, but how God has strengthened our marriage has been the best part! It wasn’t my dream to move to an island, it was my husband’s and I am so glad that I said yes! I know that no matter how hard the road has been, we are in His will and that is a pretty wonderful place to be! I say, if you get the chance – take it!

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