If Your Last Thirty Days……….

If your last 30-days have included:

Ninja Hiyaaa

    1. Replacing a vehicle because the old, paid off, one that I’d hoped would last until the last boy graduated from college decided that it was too tired to go on and boy did it go out it a blaze of glory!
    2. A second sinus surgery to put in drains to keep the constant sinus infections at bay.
    3. Kicking an exchange student out of your home (with the use of police force.) It was ugly, and scary.
    4. Celebrating your baby’s birthday with a lopsided Spider Man cake that his mama made with all the love in the world, and a few curse words.
    5. Two meetings with two different principals, with two different takes on leadership, only one of whom is productive and effective.
    6. One ER visit, where the Tech recognizes you from your visits last summer with your two of your other sons and their crazy ailments, and asks with a puzzled look, “Just how many kids do you have?”
    7. One sinus scope (see number 2)…where they check the function of your brain through your nostrils.
    8. Three Holiday concerts in two-days….and in the words of my 7th grader, “Want to hear a joke mom?”  “Yes son I do.”  “7th Grade percussion.”  He wasn’t too far off. 🙂  Only I’d say that to their credit, 7th grade was better than 8th grade.
    9. A 3-year old, who thinks the aftershave, which smells amazing, and is such a pretty color, must taste amazing too…I think he might have gotten drunk? I didn’t take him to the ER (see number 6.) Also, brother number 3 did something similar, and the ER doc told me that it wasn’t harmful in small doses.
    10. One eye-appointment, for a boy who is stressed out by school,  he has a nervous tic.
    11. A previously mentioned 3-year old who decides one morning that instead of the potty, his version of toilet training would look a little like standing on a dining room chair and whizzing off the chair and onto the floor, because pee on hardwood makes such a cool noise and the shapes of the puddles are amazing; I mean come on, puddles are AWESOME.
    12. Finally, the 3-year old, mentioned before and his mom… well the 3-year old trips while playing “HI-YAAA NIN-JAAAA” (you have to yell it, and really drag out the A’s) under the kitchen table and bites through his lip, and the mom, knows that if she takes him to the ER (see number 6 & 8) the Doctor would say, “It’s not bad enough to glue, or stitch.” Instead, the mom grabs some ice, tackles the boy who is bleeding and crying and boogering and snuggles him for a bit while icing his fat lip… The snuggles last about 32.8 seconds, until he’s ready to go “HIYAAAAA-NIN-JAAAing” again. After the 3-year old is off and running the mom sits down to document the last month…

If any of the things on this list were a part of your last 30-days then you might be a part of the Hanson Clan.


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