Small Pieces of Comfort

When our family lost Ireland, I had so many thoughts running through my brain and none of them were coherent.  I spent many hours on the computer trying to find a place that could answer the “why’s.”  Turns out there is no answer for the multitude of questions that left me wondering, “How come our family, why us.?”

I looked and looked, and the only thing that I could figure out, was that people don’t want to talk about stillbirth and fetal death.  They want to pretend that it doesn’t exist.    I want to change that, our babies no matter the length of their gestation or their brief time on earth deserve to be remembered and cherished.

My promise to Ireland was that I would give her a purpose and a voice.


Blogs that Bring Hope:

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All of these blogs are written by mom’s who’ve lost children,  some of them more than one child.  They are amazing women of faith, character and strength, there is an amazing bond that forms between people who share losses like ours…I am daily blessed by these women and their willingness to be transparent in their grief.


Books On Grief and Moving Forward :
















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